Raindrops, creates the most happy, comfortable, hand-crafted baby gifts, accessories and clothing right and all are Made in the USA.

At Raindrops, we are always dreaming up new gift baskets, new clothing fashions and new accessories to make those brief baby moments more magical. Our goal is to bring joy to moms and comfort to babies by constantly creating new designs and discovering unique materials. Our in-house manufacturing processes range from vintage old-world sewing equipment to the latest high-tech printing and embroidery.

We want to light up an expectant Mother's face at a baby shower and make Grandma smile seeing an embroidered bib that she relates to from her own children. Our line focuses on soft cotton, velvety velour terry, supple fleeces and moisture wicking cozy knits, done in classic baby styles and modern bright looks sure to delight Moms and babies of all ages.

Raindrops believes in letting babies be babies.....after all, they grow so fast, why not let them be little and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like playing in a summer rain puddle!

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